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Kindred Spirits
(Please note - this story covers the true ending of Undertale, and contains some pretty huge spoilers if you have not already beaten it or do not know about it! Avoid if you do not want spoilers!)
    "Frisk... don't you have anything better to do?"
    If Frisk did, they certainly couldn't think of anything better right now. Frisk had just gone through so much, but now Frisk realized that there were others who had gone through so much more, for so much longer. Frisk's heart ached while Asriel shared his tale, his thoughts, his truest feelings with Frisk. But now Asriel had nothing more to say, and it seemed to Frisk like he was trying to shoo them off. Frisk stared into Asriel's eyes. Asriel tried so hard to smile and to seem happy for Frisk's sake, but Frisk knew better. Frisk could see the forced happiness underlined by despair. There was a certain sadness, a quiet resignation to his fate. Asriel's eyes, his expression... he really did take after his p
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    It was another beautiful day at Acme Looniversity, and the students were gathered in the outdoor track and field stadium for their first class of the morning: physical education. They were currently stretching under the supervision of the Roadrunner, preparing for a race around the stadium. While the students were stretching, they chattered excitedly amongst themselves - most of them bragged about how they would be easily taking second place today. Second place was their target of choice since it was widely agreed that there was no point shooting for first place - after all, that honor had always gone to Little Beeper, and there was little to no chance that would change today!
    Changing that was, of course, exactly what Calamity Coyote had in mind today. He had gotten a pair of Acme Super Speed Boots a week ago to try to catch Little Beeper, but they failed catastrophically (and, eventually, explosively). This did not discourage Calamity, however. He thought
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Quiet Desert Nights
    Thanks to his days being full of excitement, Wile E. Coyote was able to fall asleep very quickly most nights. These last few nights had not been those kind of nights, however.
    Wile laid in his bed; he was tired, but still wide awake. It was quiet, and that led a super genius's thoughts to roam. In this, one of the deepest parts of the desert, it was very lonely, and very quiet. While he was out during the day, he would occasionally catch a glimpse of a car or truck passing through along the desert highway, but those were rare occurrences. Wile was used to being alone. He had to be, after all, but it didn't mean he had to enjoy it. Besides, there was really only one other "person" in the near vicinity Wile knew of. The only time Wile ever sought to find Roadrunner was when he was particularly hungry (which, admittedly, was most days). Chasing the roadrunner took up most of his day, but even the tenacious coyote had his limits.
    It was fairly ofte
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Private Nights ...
Private Nights and Guilty Pleasures
By: Quill Sparks
"Hey, you've got too many clouds gathered together there!" Rainbow Dash shouted to another weather pony. "We need to spread them out, or else we'll just need to make another storm tomorrow night to make up for the areas that didn't get enough!"
"Another storm? That's the last thing we need! Good catch, Dash, I'll fix it real fast!" he shouted back. He quickly got to work scattering some of his densely-packed rain clouds around in the spots where he could pick out gaps in the cloud cover. While he did that, Rainbow Dash darted around their area of Ponyville, making sure the cloud cover looked good everywhere else. She enjoyed clearing the clouds far more than she did setting them up. Clearing them required less finesse, and she was free to go all-out at top speed. When she had to set up storms, she had to go slow, methodically, make sure every cloud was in place properly... it drove her nuts. With her quick patrol over, Rainbow nodded
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